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Boogie Knights - Sponsor Series: Palmer Towel Co.

Welcome back to another Boogie Knights feature, where we highlight the people and brands that live and breathe Bodyboarding.

This week we're stoked to introduce one of our most dedicated club supporters, Palmer Towel Co. - headed up by the incredible power duo of Warrnambool based Bodyboard and Business chargers Luke and Kylie Palmer.

Luke Palmer prospecting in a colossal cavern 📸 @mindfulocean

Tell us about your brand:

Palmer Towel Co was born out of a love for the ocean and adventure and wanting to immerse ourselves into the community and culture that surrounds them.

We wanted to create a brand that supported all forms of board riding and encourages adventure and exploration.

What does bodyboarding mean to you?

Bodyboarding has been a part of our families lives for many years and more recently become a shared passion. There are daily conversations about conditions, equipment, wave riding and who got to surf last 😂

Years Bodyboarding?

Kylie: 2 years (surfing for 6 +)

Luke: 31 years

Bodyboarding Influencer?

Kylie: Lilly Pollard, Luke

Luke: Mates are the most influential, but probably Eppo

Currently riding?

Kylie: 41 JG Jase Finlay

Luke: 42.5 GT Fire

Memorable Wave

Kylie: Most memorable wave hasn’t happened yet

Luke: GLand 2013 (Editors note - Kylie had some incredible barrels at the Pool at our pres night session - maybe a candidate!)

If not bodyboarding I'd rather be...

Kylie: running/working out

Luke: Brazilian jiu jitsu

Be sure to get in touch with Luke & Kylie for the best Hooded poncho towels, hats, socks, tees and boutique beach accessories in the biz: (and of course, tell them we sent you :D )


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