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Boogie Knights - Sponsor Series: Salvaged by Stix

In our ongoing Boogie Knights articles, we're highlighting the people and brands that live and breathe Bodyboarding, and contribute to pushing Bodyboarding in Victoria.

Our first cab off the rank is Salvaged by Stix, maker of amazing custom built furniture from salvaged and recycled timber, and run by our beloved Stix, BV vice president, passionate judge extrordianaire, ridiculously good chef, carve enthusiast, and all round frother.

Tell us about your brand:

Salvaged by Stix is a recycled Australian timber furniture custom maker. I work with the customer on design and functionality and then deliver it in person. I would say 95% recycled timber 5% ply - it's a great sustainable product.

What does bodyboarding mean to you?

Bodyboarding runs deep. 35 years in the veins. It started on an Atunus when I was 11/12 years old, and then found mates at high school and we caught the buses for almost 2 hours just to get to Scabs. Bodyboarding is a switch-off for me. I mentally get away from it all and just stare at the horizon. Or duckdive my life away. Catching up with mates and having a laugh matters too.

Years Bodyboarding?


Bodyboarding Influencer?

Everyone who is happy to share tips.

Currently riding?

Hubboards cold water quad and Pride Royal flush NRG ISS

Memorable Wave

Tea trees- Noosa 4-6ft. 200m rides.

If not bodyboarding I'd rather be...

Playing tennis, golf, mountain biking, cooking for friends.

Be sure to get in touch with Stix for any recycled furniture needs: (Tell him we sent you :D )


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