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Boogie Knights - Sponsor Series: Shed Nine

Welcome back to another Boogie Knights feature, where we highlight the people and brands that live and breathe Bodyboarding.

This week we're stoked to introduce one of our longest running club foundations; the prolific Eddie Wearne and the store for the core, Shed Nine.

Tell us about your brand:

I started Shed Nine making extreme sports with a heavy focus on bodyboarding and selling clothes out of the back of the car in the late nineties. We had a core team of humble rider's who repped our brand. In 2009, I opened the store for the core from very humble beginnings at Rye ocean beach.

The next year we re started the Mornington Peninsula Bodyboard Club, headed by Ray Mathews. This helped spawn a legacy of local riders, some of whom rode for the dream team over the years. Names like Adam Morrison, Jack Shepherd, Tawa Hura, Myself and more Recently Ned Johnstone, Alongside Damian King And Liam Stokes.

Shed Nine keeps me busy selling surf, skate, bodyboarding, snow gear, accessories and apparel, Sponsoring clubs, events and giving back to the youth and community.

ShedNine stock the widest range of bodyboards in Victoria and we appreciate your support.

What does bodyboarding mean to you?

Growing up during bodyboarding Hey Days in the nineties in the Og East Coast Bodyboard Club, Bodyboarding was everything to me. Pushing hard to compete, become sponsored, travel and defeat many of my child hood idols was a buzz, working hard and saving to travel, is where it's at for me.

Even though I mostly ride other boards, these days, various surfboards, skateboards, snowboards foils, Etc, I'll always be a bodyboarder. I started my journey in the ocean on one and I'll ride one till the very end!

Stand up, Dropknee, Prone, To The Bone.

Years Bodyboarding?


Bodyboarding Influencer?

Too many to list!

Currently riding?

Shed Nine #diversefoam 41.75"

Memorable Wave

Shipsterns Bluff

If not bodyboarding I'd rather be...

Standing in big Indonesian barrels.

Be sure to drop by and see Eddie and the Shed Nine crew at the Shed Nine at 362 Dundas St, Rye or online at (and of course, tell them we sent you :D )


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