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Shed Nine & Gage Roads State Titles Round 01 Mornington Peninsula - 19th February 2023

Mark Britten - all class 📸 Peninsula Sports Photography

After not running a comp at Sorrento for years, a morning with unexpected pulses in swell led to it as the stand out choice with a day of solid slabs out back to showcase some of the incredible talent we have in Vic, including new faces and veterans alike.

With an absolutely packed schedule of heats thanks to record entry numbers, five initial heats of Open Mens were first in the water, tackling some solid sets coming through on the higher tide before the tide drained out through the day. The sets allowed for some hefty take offs with a few heavy cover ups, but the prize jewel of the highest scoring waves were the rare critical launch sections, allowing for some huge rolls straight to the flats. Of note in the first round was a colossal roll from Adam Morrison off one of said bowls, netting the highest single wave score of the day at an 8.83. After multiple action packed rounds, the finals were set, with gauntlets run by Eddie Wearne, Mark Britten, Adam Morrison and Joshua Keenan - who notably took out best total heat score of the day in the semis with a 14.00.

Joshua Keenan - off the top rope 📸 Peninsula Sports Photography

Chris Watson - Presidential Suite 📸 Peninsula Sports Photography

The Masters (o35) division proved to be as much a premier division as Open Mens, with a huge amount of entrants meant that the pathway to the finals was hefty. Club President Chris Watson made his first splash in the division after finally earning enough life points in the game of life to join the senior ranks. Surfing a break he's been riding since the days of the VHS and colourful windbreakers proved to be the local knowledge edge for our intrepid pres, making his pathway to the finals along with club chargers of new and old; Ryan Jucker, Ben Roberts and Mark Britten - all of which were responsible for some of the most exciting waves of the day.

Dan Redfern - Keeping shady when not cooking a mean bbq 📸 Peninsula Sports Photography

Womens, Rookies and Juniors saw some great competitive heats as the tide started to drain and open up the peaks a little, with our national reps starting to look very promising - Lyndall Jucker's strong roll game in Womens and prodigy Junior Tully Roberts super sharp reverses proving too much to handle taking out each of their respective divisions.

Lyndall Jucker - attacking the lip 📸 Peninsula Sports Photography

Tully Roberts - spin savant 📸 Peninsula Sports Photography

For our most esteemed (and wisest) of divisions, the Grand Masters & Legends ran concurrently to maximise conditions and proved to be one of the most electric heats of the day, with all competitors dialling back the clock with all the energy of fresh faced groms. Nathan Clark found one of the best looking roll sections and proceeded to launch, edging out Shane Britten's local knowledge of the break for the Grandmasters trophy. Steve Watson did what he's done best since the beginning, throwing multiple rolls onto shallow reef as he duked out an on-fire Mark Brocas-Reti and his multiple cover-ups on the inside rock ledge.

Nathan Clark - Roll call 📸 Peninsula Sports Photography

The Dropknee division favoured some of the longer open faces on offer at Outback Sorrento, with the heavy take off to navigate being the skill hurdle that makes DK such a different, yet elegant beast. With a special invite to DK Sessions in Port Macquarie this year on the line for first place, our field of veterans and new faces alike proceeded to tear the wave apart, creating one of the most exciting DK showings we've had in memory. Dane Pope ultimately took out the crown, with an excellent combo wave in particular showing all that the alternative riding method has to offer with sharp carves, smooth spins and expert under-the-lip action. We look forward to seeing Dane rip apart Port Mac in August!

Dane Pope - DK Masterclass 📸 Peninsula Sports Photography

Towards mid afternoon the conditions hollowed out the most for many of the finals, allowing for some cover ups in addition to the careful scouting of above-the-lip launch opportunities that was the key to victory. Ned Johnstone navigated one particular tricky section with a drifting forward off the lip to take out the Mens (18-34) Division, whilst marathon man Mark Britten, absolutely possessed, battled out a stacked lineup in both Masters and Open Mens to take the coveted crowns in both. Surfing the most heats of the day, and with legs of jelly, Mark stated that it was mostly a blur - we certainly clearly recall his dominance of working multiple rolls and reverses into strong combos, we'll just have to keep reminding him...

Mega thanks to @shednine and @gageroadsbrewco for presenting the event, as well as additional prize contributions from @swabbo_hq and @palmer_towel_co and as always all of the Committee, judges and everyone involved with making marquee events like this happen - this was truly one for the books.


Cadets (U16)

1st Tully Roberts

Juniors (U18)

1st Tully Roberts

2nd River Gray


1st Lucas Byford

2nd Scott Debono Douglas


1st Lyndall Jucker

2nd Kylie Palmer

3rd Maisy Bennett


1st Dane Pope

2nd Darren Walton

3rd Adam Williams

4th Josh Carson

Mens (18-35)

1st Ned Johnstone

2nd Axel Hahne

3rd Travis Craig

4th David Warren

Masters (O35)

1st Mark Britten

2nd Chris Watson

3rd Ben Roberts

4th Ryan Jucker

Grand Masters (O45)

1st Nathan Clark

2nd Shane Britten

Legends (O55)

1st Steve Watson

2nd Mark Brocas-Reti

Open Mens

1st Mark Britten

2nd Eddie Wearne

3rd Joshua Keenan

4th Adam Morrison

Full results can be found at:

Mark Britten - swatting away the competition 📸 Peninsula Sports Photography

We're looking forward to catching you all for State Titles Round 2 at over Warrnambool for our west coast leg on the weekend of March 25-26th, check our social media channels for all updates as we get closer!

Photography by:

Huge thanks to our partners: SHEDNINE


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